New Albany Tree Services & Landscaping Professionals

Trusted Professionals

Established in 1997, we have accumulated the knowledge and expertise to provide quality gardening and tree services for your home or business. We have served countless homeowners in the New Albany area to create their envisioned outdoor spaces with the most advanced landscaping and garden decoration techniques. We pride ourselves in our punctuality, fair prices, and professionalism.

Professional Mulch, Tree and Landscaping services,
serving New Albany and surrounding areas.

Trimming & Removal

We deal with overgrown trees that threaten buildings and their surrounding areas via removal or tree thinning. We can also prune trees to improve their health or promote fruit growth. We also can identify how the shape of a growing tree can potentially lead to problems years into the future and create simple preventive measures.


Our team has worked on outdoor areas of all shapes and sizes to create beautiful spaces that also allows the plants to grow & maintain with ease. Anything from lawns, irrigation setup, to yard corners can be transformed into creative and aesthetically pleasing locations.

Land and Brush Clearing

We have the equipment and machinery ready to clear, cut and cleanup any part of your property. Through years of experience, we find the most efficient strategy that will leave the area pristine.